The Dry Dog Food Naughty List

What are you feeding your dog? It might be worth rethinking. Poor quality foods can cause all sorts of chronic medical issues, skin & allergy problems, and digestive upset, including an often times deadly case of bloat. Many of these foods contain a lot of corn, soy and fillers, which the canine digestive track is not made for processing and doesn’t offer what your dog needs.

Feeding better quality food might seem cost a bit more initially, but since dogs on better quality, higher protein food eat less, it comes close to evening out. Higher quality foods contain meat and vegetables as main ingredients. Dogs are omnivores, with a strong leaning toward carnivore, so feeding a mainly corn or soy based diet can be a recipe for disaster down the road.

Plus you may be saving your dog from painful and possibly deadly effects from an incomplete, poor quality diet.

Here is a list of One Star Dry Dog foods from

If you want to get your dogs on the right track and do the best for their health and well being, check out the Best Dry Dog Foods list at to get some reviews on which food might be best for your dog.

Although this post focuses mainly on dry dog foods, also has good information on the good, bad & ugly in wet dog foods, and also commercial raw dog foods.

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