Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a visit last and what is included?

A typical regular visit will last 20-30 minutes (sometimes a little longer), depending on the amount and type of animals that are being cared for, as well as any extra services requested. Administering regular medication is also included at no extra cost.

Farm visits are usually longer, averaging 40-60 minutes (sometimes longer), and include regular farm related let out/let in, feedings & hay, watering, and simple stall cleanings of one or two stalls.

Services such as stall cleanings, grooming, blanketing and exercising can be requested at an additional charge.

In addition to caring for your animals, I can also perform optional household tasks, including taking in your mail & newspapers, turning on and off lights, watering plants, and more. These tasks are free on request, and help to give your home a “lived in” look to deter potential burglars while you are away.

What animals will you care for?

My business focus is on house pets, such as dogs, cats, reptiles, aquariums, parrots, small animals, ferrets, etc.  I also have many years experience with farms and livestock, including equines, cattle, goats, sheep, llamas/alpacas, and poultry/waterfowl (including more exotic “farm” birds such as pigeons/doves, guineas, peafowl, pheasants, emus & ostrich).

Do you offer boarding?

Currently I do not offer boarding, and only offer care at your home or farm.  I can tailor our pet sitting schedule to best meet your pet’s needs, and most pets are happiest in their home. Some, however, may be better suited for boarding, and there are several great boarding facilities in the Monadnock Region that should meet your needs.

 Are you insured and certified?

Yes, I am insured through Pet Sitters Associates, LLC.

Lily has also been certified in Pet First Aid and CPR for dogs and cats as a Pet Pro Hero through

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Other relevant certifications include Certified Raw Dog Food Nutrition Specialist through DNM University, and Animal Reiki Practitioner through USUI RYOHO REIKI (Udemy).

Lily has also completed Dog Emotion and Cognition, a non-credit course authorized and presented by Duke University (offered through Coursera).

References are also available at request and at the time of the initial interview.

What is your Ready Key Program?

At the initial Meet & Greet, I ask that you provide 2 copies of keys needed for the entry we are to use during service. One key will be kept with the sitter during dates of service, and the second is a back up key which is left in a locked key safe in the office. Once services are ended, both keys are kept in the locked safe. Keys are numbered, and do not include owner’s name or address for security purposes.

The best benefit of using the Ready Key Program is that you can book visits on short notice, and we’ll already have the key on hand. Just call, get a confirmation that we’re available and book!

Another benefit is that there is no need to schedule to have the key picked up or dropped off. There is a charge of $10.00 per pick up and drop off if you prefer to not use our Ready Key Program.

* I prefer not to use garage door openers as only means of entry, because if there is a malfunction or power outage, we would not have another access to your pets to care for them.

What areas do you cover? Will you do outside your regular area?

Base rates are for up to 6 miles of our home office in Troy. We will generally travel up to  9 miles maximum. Towns serviced include Troy, and sections of Fitzwilliam, Jaffrey, and Marlborough.

How much do you charge?

Visits and walks start at $24. Prices will vary depending on location and type of visit (regular/walk, hourly, overnights, poop scooping, etc). Extra fee added for most major holidays. I do not charge per pet, but per visit. Please call or email for detailed pricing.

What do you accept for payments?

Payments accepted by credit/debit card, ACH, cash, and check.

How experienced are you with caring for animals?

I am a longtime animal owner, and our family currently have & raise heritage breed livestock (Dominique chickens and Birmingham Roller pigeons),  2 dogs (German Shepherd Dog and a Blue Heeler mix, and have had GSDs for many years, as well as having a rescue Pit Bull and a rescue Aussie in the past), 2 DLH cats, a Mini Rex rabbit, as well as various lizards, snakes, frogs, toads, fish & invertebrates. We have owned or cared for a great variety of animals here on our small farm, including horses, turkeys, rabbits, sheep, goats, ducks, geese, budgies & cockatiels, rodents of all kinds, snakes of all sizes (little garter snakes to big Burmese pythons!), native & exotic aquarium fish, turtles, iguanas & other lizards, and even tarantulas and other “creepy crawlies.”  We used to show Dominique & Silkie chickens, as well as Narragansett Turkeys at New England area poultry shows, and I currently ride and train horses as a hobby.

I was an Assistant Aquarist at a science museum in Massachusetts many years ago, and cared for many different native and exotic fish, reptiles & amphibians in the live animal displays. I have also worked for a short time at the local Humane Society and cared for the dogs, cats, small animals and was the resident “care expert” on the occasional iguana or snake that passed through.

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Saturday, November 11, 2012.

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