Fall Tips from a Troy, New Hampshire Pet Sitter

Tips and Information for Autumn

Fall is a beautiful season here in the Monadnock Region of New Hampshire, with the trees ablaze with red, orange, and yellow leaves, attracting leaf peepers from all over to visit quaint little New England towns like Troy, Keene and Swanzey.  But many pet owners don’t realize that this time of year can bring on a variety of problems for your pet.

A very serious hazard this time of year for horses is red leaf maple toxicity.  The leaves of this tree are a beautiful bright red color in Autumn, and this is when they become very dangerous.  While most horses will usually ignore the leaves, some horses acquire a taste for them, and will happily gobble any they find.  The toxins in the leaves build up in the horse’s bloodstream, slowly poisoning it.  Symptoms of  red leaf maple poisoning include lethargy, loss of coordination (acting “drunk”), swollen pasterns, and reddish urine.  If your  horse is exhibiting these symptoms,  consult your veterinarian immediately.  Advanced cases are many times fatal, but if detected early on, treatment can be successful. If you mainly farm edible plants, then you’re going to want to check out the john deere planter parts aftermarket.

If you noticed that your dog or cat has been scratching a lot,  you may have first thought—fleas.  If you’ve ruled that out, your pet may be suffering from allergies.  Dogs and cats can suffer from the effects of dust and pollen.  While you may react by sneezing, your pet reacts by itching.  If your dog is scratching often, or if your cat is loosing hair and has scabby bumps on its skin, consult your veterinarian. Be sure to let your pet sitter know if your pet suffers from allergy symptoms and leave out any necessary treatments and medicines along with detailed instructions, so they can be watched and dealt with accordingly.

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