Dog Treats from China Warning

Many pet owners have already heard about the many complaints and cases of dogs becoming ill or even dying after being given chicken jerky treats from China.

Some pet owners, however, have either not yet heard or think they are safe now since they are still on store shelves. This cannot be further from the truth. Unfortunately, even after much publicity and public outcry from pet owners, the companies that are supplying these treats refuse to recall them, and the stores continue to stock them on their shelves.

The FDA has issued a warning about the treats
, and is cautioning pet owners regarding them.  My advice is to avoid ANY AND ALL treats made in China (remember the massive recalls of cat food and children’s toys & jewelry from China a few years back … this is by far not an isolated incident).  Don’t just read the label, read the fine print. Some may appear to be manufactured in the USA, but if you read a little further, you may find they are actually MADE IN CHINA.

There are many great, local alternatives to the cheap, mass-produced treats.  Check out websites like Etsy for artisans who bake home-made treats or keep an eye out for locally made at your area stores and shops. You’ll not only be saving your pet from potential illness or death, you’ll also be helping to support a LOCAL business owner! If you like to bake, there are also plenty of books and websites that are full of great, healthy and SAFE recipes for your pets.

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