Daily Dog Walking

Do you work all day and can’t make it home to walk the dog?

If you can’t make it home during lunch break to let the dogs out during the day while you are at work, ¬†aren’t able to get out and about, or just not a big fan of walking in the snow and cold, we can do it for you.


Whether you need just a couple days a week or Monday through Friday walks, we will arrive each afternoon on the days needed to take your dog outside for playtime, a walk, or an afternoon feeding and pee break. Regularly scheduled afternoon visits and walks are scheduled generally between 11am and 3pm, last anywhere from 20-30 minutes, and your dog will receive any necessary feeding or medications at no extra charge. (Leashed walks are limited to 2 dogs per walk.)

A limited amount of time slots are currently available for certain areas in the towns of Troy, Fitzwilliam, Marlborough and Jaffrey, NH, so call or email to discuss your particular needs and to set up your schedule.